Requirements: Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Vista
Note: If your system is up to date you should already have all of these.
Windows 2000: SP4, MDAC 2.8, & .Net v2
Windows XP: SP3 & .Net v2 (or check Windows Update)
Windows Vista: SP1
(Other versions may work, but are unsupported)

Detailed instructions:

1. Purchase Virtual World Starter (the new version of SL Starter) in-world at A2NZ (Ufeus 36,36).

2. You will be given a box named "Virtual World Starter software box"

3. Rez this box on the ground, then click on it.
3a. You will now receive the download location (Download) and your product code (please keep the product code safe with the name of the avatar that purchased it) in your chat, and chat history. You will also get a popup that will take you straight to the download page ("Load web page ... Download SL Starter now?").

4. Either click on the "Go to page" dialog that pops up (this will fill in the required fields automatically) or go to the download page and fill in the fields manually.

5. Click download and save the file to your computer (about a 400k download), then run the installer (if you have a previous version, please uninstall it first).

6. The first time you run it, it will need to be set up (re-installs do not need these steps).
6a. Click "Ok" on the message box "First run file loaded", this creates the file to store you information in.
6b. In "About", put in your product code and click "Ok".
6c. Click "Edit viewers" and either manually add them, or click on "Auto Load". Then press "Save" and close the window.
6d. Click "Edit Avatars". Enter your avatar name and password, then press "Add New", to add another one. Once you are done, press "Save" to save your avatar(s), and then close the window.

7. To start the viewer for this virtual world, select the avatar and viewer you want to use and click "Start SL".

8. Have fun!